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Sichuan XiangYue power line component Co., Ltd., founded in December 2008, has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It mainly produces electric towers, communication towers, substations and metal components of 500kv and less, as well as processing and manufacturing all kinds of steel products. Now its annual production capacity has reached 50000 tons, the annual output value of over billion yuan, annual tax profit of nearly 10 million yuan. Located in Chengdu national cross strait Science Park., the factory of Xiangyue cover... MORE+
Product It mainly produces power tower, communication tower, substation and metal components of 110 kv and the following lines, as well as the processing and production of various steel structure products
market positioning Taking the power line structure as the main core technology, the main line of power tower, communication tower, substation
station and metal component is selected as the top priority enterprise.
Product quality Each process adheres to the "craftsman spirit", insisting that the product does not test and does not come out of the factory.
vision Xiang Yue is famous for its quality and efficiency, and is committed to becoming the first choice of heart enterprise in the global power line. The pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation.
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